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Apr 14, 2010 5:00am EDT
a dangerous situation. >> toyota in hot water again. why they're pulling a car from dealership. >>> it can affect organs, it can cause organ failure. >>> where's the beef? we find out what is hidden in your meat. >>> and the lowest game attended in orioles history. why so few people are saying take me out to the ball game. >>> good morning. it's wednesday, april 14th. i'm patrice harris. >>> you're waking up to a cold start to the morning. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a look at -- why? >> clearing skies northerly flow. >> man. >> that is the ingredients for cooler temperatures. we have the possibility of a little bit of frost out there this morning. >> oh my god. >> patchy and a lot of fog. >> i did. >> and 695 out of whitemarsh it was desperately much on the foggy side. take a look as far as the hd radar, you can see there's plenty of clouds to start the day. low level clouds and fog as we said. reduce visibility quite a bit. be careful as you head out this morning, and give you plenty of time. and it will be a sunny day. 35 degrees in baltimore, and up to wilmington, 38, and h
Apr 1, 2010 5:00am EDT
about claims he doesn't live in baltimore. >>> next good news for toyota, how new discounts and incentives >>> toyota sales are soaring in the u.s. and crude oil prices are rising. robert gray reports. >>> still more firing than hiring. pay roll company adp saying the private sector dropped 23,000 jobs in march, a gain was expected. the government releases the big march jobs report on friday. >>> the dow dipping 50 points but stocks are hot. blue chips rising 5% and march 4% for the first quarter. good news for toyota reporting a 40% jump in sales this month compared to last year. discounts and incentives paying off. >>> boeing expecting financial hits from the financial cut. it's expected to take a cut to cover expected loss from the health insurance. >>> oil settling at a 17 month high, back above $83 a barrel after gaining more than a drar idollarin today's trading. president obama announces that he wants to open up big chunks of the east coast and gulf of mexico to offshore drilling. that is business, i'm robert gray. >>> coming up a legal battle between the father of a
Apr 20, 2010 5:00am EDT
and toyota is not fearing a whole lot better. >>> another toyota recall, automaker recalling more than 9,000gs460s. toyota stopped selling those sughs after consumesuvs after cs warned. >>> senators reporting a four-point $4 billion quarterly profits. citi shares rising on the news. >>> germany and britain asking the u.s. government for information about the fraud case. germany looking at whether a germany bank can recover $1 billion it lost by products marketed by gold man. >>> cancellations by the volcano is costing air carries more than a billion dollars and counting. >>> coming up a former archbishop of baltimore dies. how archbishop william borders changed the archdiocese. >>> a candlelight vigil will be held tonight to remember a frost berg student gunned down over the weekend. i'm megan gilliland. what police now say might have led to the shooting. >> reporter: i'm joel d smith live at fells point this morning. you take lie ak the
Apr 29, 2010 5:00am EDT
traffic controllers providing out dated weather information. >>> another day, another recall for toyota. the company is recalling th the 2003sequioa suv because the car can hesitate or slow down at slow speeds. about half of the affected cars have been fixed. there are no reports of accidents because of problem. this comes on the heels of the headline making recall that affected millions of cars and a vehicle that was put on do not buy consumer reports list. for more information log on to and shriek on newclick onnews links. >>> the wounded warrior project soldier ride moves into baltimore this week and joel d smith is lucky enough to be visiting with one of those impressive veterans this morning. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. the ride will be coming in here. we are at under armour one of the sponsors. and big part of the wounded project. and they will ride later in here this morning. it's called the soldier ride. why is it so important to bring attention to the wounded soldier project. >> the attention that it's great because it gets wounded
Apr 30, 2010 5:00am EDT
corrected for toyota customers. >>> she was saying to me, please help me and help me. >> the pursuit of tw >>> an 85 years old man was killed wednesday night as drug suspects tried to get away from police. crime and justice reporter joy lepola tells us why the man's wife still does not know her husband's fate. >> reporter: another family angered and saddened. >> he is gone. >> reporter: devastation brought on by baltimore's drug trade. >> i was there trying to comfort him telling him that you know, that help was on the way and she was saying to me, please help us. >> reporter: 85 years old alberelbert davis died shortly r police chasing cars crashed into his car. he suffered a heart attack. his wife also suffered injuries, but she survived. >> she is a nice lady. we speak and we have known each other for 30 or 40 years. i have been across the street from her. we talk every other day, nice family. >> reporter: for police this crime hits especially close. davis was the father of a female baltimore city police officer. it's believed the couple was on their way home when the accident occur
Apr 19, 2010 5:00am EDT
. >>> toyota waited 5 months before telling the u.s. government about pedals in their cars. the company was going to con at the presencontestthe fine. toy at toyota knew about the stg pedals but didn't notify the government until november. >>> things like urinating in public, and smoking where it's banned and even spitting. and joel d smith is live with more on that. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. this comes after president jack young was touring the bar district about the closing time over the weekend. he saw a lot of things you just mentioned. now he said he has seen enough. he wants to change the current laws on the books and make the fines heavier. here is the examples we're talking about, people drinking and holding open containers of alcohol in public could be fined as much as $500, the 10 times the kusht personality. smoking at indoor establishments, adults, found urinating or defecating could be find $1,000. that is twice the current fine. they are called nuisance crimes and jack young says in addition to helping the city'sy mags it't could also help the bottom line. >> it
Apr 19, 2010 5:30am EDT
and parcel of flying. schumer will meet with spirit airlines to discuss their new fees next week. >>> toyota is paying a fine for waiting four months to tell the government of telling about the defective gas pedals. toyota knew about the sticking gas pedals in september but didn't issue a recall until january inside coming up on the early edition, your every desire at the touch of a button. the smart phone popping up all across the country. >>> and lots of sunshine today with temperatures climbing into the 60s. and how much warmer will it climb >>> we hope you had a greet weekend. a little cool and breezy then, but today it will be a little bitter and it will be a little less windy as you look at the hd radar, you're not seeing a whole lot out there. high pressure is going to bring us a nice dry day. if you look up to the north you will see a cup of showers in vermont and new york state and connecticut and other parts of massachusetts and seeing light showers. and down to the south and west, you see in arkansas and louisiana some showers and rainshowers that will be coming our way with maybe
Apr 14, 2010 5:30am EDT
. patrice, back over to you. >>> thank you, candace. >>> the troubles continue after toyota. after massive recalls a few months ago after faulty gas pedals. consumer report is issuing a do not buy warning on one the models' suvs. >> reporter: the product testing magazine put out a rare message to customers don't buy. the lexus gs460 sufficient. it's first don't buy warning in nine years. consumer reports tested 95 suvs all of them were found safe for highway travel except the gs460. >> when the wind is pushed to its limits in one of our handling tests, the rear-end swings way far out. so the vehicle is almost sideways. eventually the electric stability takes over and regains control but it swings out too far to create -- we consider it creates a safety risk that could lead to a rollover in a real world situation. >> reporter: toyota says 6,000 of the models have been sold since the vehicle went on sale in late december. about 1600 are thought to still be sitting in dealers ships, prices at $65,000. the do not buy label will stick until toyota fixes the problem. for concerns call lexus 1-
Apr 13, 2010 5:00am EDT
farm is asking toyota to pay up. the insurance company wants the automaker to reimburse it for crashes involving gad pedal problems. >>> the recession not officially over just yet, not according to the committee of economist that says the down turn starredded in december of 2007. the national bureau of economic research says it's still too soon to tell if there's more positive times recently. >>> and bidding for an energier bunny kept going and going. they paid 11 thow $11,000 for te original icon. >>> a slow response to the 2010 census. how many marylanders still haven't returned their form. >>> and 13 suspected members of the black ♪ my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
Apr 16, 2010 5:00am EDT
better. the government now running safety tests on the lexus gx460. toyota stopped selling it after consumer reports warned of a possible rollover risktism dow gaining 21 points riding a 6 day winning streak. wal-mart regaining the top spot on the fortunate 500alist of biggest companies. if you're visiting israel, leave your i-pad. the country is banning the new apple device saying it could disrupt wireless service in israel. after the bell, google reporting a 40% jump in quarterly profits, revenue rising. that's a look at business. >> coming up, more suspensions following the beating of a maryland college student. how many officers are now on leave. >> and the tax day
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10